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Our Projects 

Project Plastic

This project is ACTIVE!  We NEED volunteers! We would feel honored if many of you would contact us, and together we will organize Target Earth Plastic walks all over the planet. We will organize many events ourselves, so sponsors and donations are very welcome. 


Beaches, forests, high ways, parks, lakes, natural reserves and mountains are to be visited and cleared from all the waste we have left behind. The CO2 levels will not be visibly affected, but Earth will. 

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer. 

Thank you. 



Next to Project Plastic we have defined the following projects, which will be needing your help

Project 1. Innovation

This Project is open for all innovations. Affiliated or set up by Target Earth Foundation. 


Project Plastic Walks (continuing)


Our ambassador in Tanzania Sila Mbise personally designed a beehives using traditional cooking pots as a means to reduce consumption of wood materials and therein he used one of the disposed plastic material as a means of reusing plastics and minimizing its pressure to the local forest.


On this innovation he believes that if 100 people, each make at least 10 beehives of this kind, 1000 pieces of plastic will be reused successful and minimize its effect, creating a natural habitat for bee's and honey for mankind! 


Wishlist: Target earth Research Centre: we are looking for Scientists: Biologists, Chemists, Physicists, Meteorologists, Climatologists accompanied by Inventors, Business leaders, environmentalists and everyone with a great idea. (awaiting volunteers, funding, donations)

Wishlist: The Target Earth Tree Machine (awaiting funding and donations) 

Project 2. Bring data to the people 


​This Project is aimed on developing a web based portal freely accessible to all, showing for every every region, country, city or village what factual relevant data concerning climate change there is available.


Next to learnings and scientific articles we hope to set up a datamodel that really shows where we stand. 

Without the factual data and the insights that will show us what is going wrong, it will be ever so hard for individuals to change.


The goal of this project is to activate & inform people as well as give enough motivation for them to make a valid decision to join us.

Project 3. Meat & Agriculture Industry Renovation

Even though at Target Earth we are vegetarian, and we want you to make your own choices, we want to address the following:


Facts have shown that livestock on and meat industry as a whole is accountable for a majority of Co2 Emission globally. Next to this the fresh water consumption of these animal friends is 1/3 of all fresh water, and deforestation of many forests including the Amazon, 91% of it has vanished for agriculture and the Meat industry.

We at target Earth applaud every individual to eat less meat which is what we call the Bottom up approach. But: We believe this approach will take too long and have zero effect without the Top down Approach; 

At Target Earth we would like to have our share in raising awareness and consuming less meat. Ideally we would opt in for a global agreement on downsizing livestock for consumption