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Project Plastic

This project is currently ACTIVE and we are always looking for volunteers! 

We have organized beach cleanups for four years in the Netherlands and volunteers and Ambassadors have organized one in Bangladesh! 


Beaches, forests, high ways, parks, lakes, natural reserves and mountains are to be visited and cleared from all the waste we have left behind. The CO2 levels will not be visibly affected, but Earth will. 

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer and organise your Target Earth Foundation cleanup and we will support you all the way! 

Thank you. 

Project Beach Cleanup 2020
Daan cleans the entire NL coast

On the 8/8/2020 Daan will walk along the whole Dutch North-sea coastline and pick up trash like plastics with his special Plogging bag called PlogSack. He is determined to walk and raise awareness, even if it is just a little bit! This way we can make the world a little bit better, whilst feeling good about ourselves. 

Daan has announced that he will also raise funds for two Foundations:

The Ocean Cleanup 

This is the Dutch based organization which is focussed on removing trash from our oceans, rivers and lakes. 

Target Earth Foundation

100% of all donations and support will be used to organize cleanups all over the planet. 


Project Innovation

This Project is open for all innovations. Affiliated or set up by Target Earth Foundation. 


  • PlogSack Plogging Backpack.

  • Beewonders


Our ambassador in Tanzania Sila Mbise personally designed a beehives using traditional cooking pots as a means to reduce consumption of wood materials and therein he used one of the disposed plastic material as a means of reusing plastics and minimizing its pressure to the local forest.


On this innovation he believes that if 100 people, each make at least 10 beehives of this kind, 1000 pieces of plastic will be reused successful and minimize its effect, creating a natural habitat for bee's and honey for mankind! 


To do: 

  • We are looking for Scientists: Biologists, Chemists, Physicists, Meteorologists, Climatologists accompanied by Inventors, Business leaders, environmentalists and everyone with a great idea. (awaiting volunteers, funding, donations)

  • To do: The Target Earth Tree Machine  

Beach Cleanup @ Aloha Beach 2019 & 2020
In 2019 and 2020 we have celebrated the New Year with a great Beach Cleanup in
Wijk aan Zee in The Netherlands @ Aloha Beach Club.
Both years over 150 volunteers joined our team to clean up the pier and beach sands, along with the dunes in this area! 
Target Earth Plastic Walks NL
In The Netherlands there have been over 20 days where Target Earth Foundation organised the Plastic Walks. These walks can be held everywhere. Volunteers picked up trash during the walks and talked to each other about this problem. You can also help by organizing your very own Plastic Walks.
Target Earth Plastic Walks Bangladesh
Over 40 volunteers in Bangladesh have organized a day of cleaning the surroundings of their university. They did this in the name of Target Earth Foundation, and the event was organized by Ritu Awal, the Ambassador for Target Earth. 
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