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Our Team

Join Our Team

We are a small, yet growing Foundation and there is only this humble team.

We started with just one man, one dog and one Masterplan. we are very eager to contribute to a better world.

We are always open for help! Volunteers, Ambassadors, donations and friends. Please let us know what your ideas are! 

Feel free to join as a volunteer or ambassador if you are just a passionate about defeating climate change and making the world just a little bit better. 

Daan Strang


Founder, Chairman, Dreamer, Entrepreneur.

The Netherlands!

a.k.a DJ Bipolar & Ambassador to fight stigma.


"Live In the NOW" 


"There is still time"


"Stop talking, start doing"

"It up to you to decide, it is on your plate"  

"Follow your dream. From your heart, not your head" 



Super dog! 

Loves nature, but also plastic balls and bottles.

Naturally locates and clears up plastic from the beach, streets and dunes. 


Lives in the now always.


Loyalty is her best quality. Oh, and her looks :-)


Diva at times.


Will win when you go running. 


Ambassadors and Volunteers

Ritu Md Abdul Awal


Bangladesh Ambassador.





Organized and executed a Bangladesh Plastic walk with over 40 youngsters! 


Change starts from within


First Target Earth Ambassador ever!  

Suranjana Mehjabin


Bangladesh Volunteer & Presenter.



Presented the Plastic walk Bangladesh


Is competing for the UN climate change presenter role with our promofilm! 



Versatile and passionate

Sila Mbise


Tanzania Ambassador

Founder of Beewonders Investments;

This project is affiliated with Target Earth Foundation under ' project Innovations' 

I am from Tanzania east Africa and I have a bsc in environmental and African wildlife management hence knowing the effect of climate change on every creature, so I am proud to have this connection with Target earth Foundation and to join you in fighting climate change and its root causes!!

'The effect of climate change can be mitigated by a natural solution which is planting trees to form forests, we highly encourage people here to do beekeeping and initiate projects like tree planting.

Melissa Burghouwt


NL Ambassador & Volunteer

Melissa has actively joined in the organization and participation of two Target Earth Foundation & PlogSack beach cleanups in Wijk aan Zee in 2019 and 2020! 

Famke Derksen


NL Ambassador & Volunteer

Famke has actively joined many cleanups and takes part in the organization and participation of Target Earth Foundation & PlogSack cleanups all over the country. 

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